Do Great White Sharks Make Any Sounds? Especially if Wounded?
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Do Great White Sharks Make Any Sounds? Especially if Wounded?

Asked on Jun 28, 2010Improve / edit this question

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Tracy Lewis   L2: Contributor   1 answers   +5 votes
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According to a Nova Online article, sharks do, in fact make noise - but not the noise we should associate with vocal communication or communication of pain responses. They make what is called hydrodynamic sounds (caused by their movements in water) and they also make sounds via their teeth - crunching sounds. Unfortunately, they don't have vocal apparatus for making communicative vocal sounds, so it is highly unlikely that they make noises when wounded - other than extraneous noises that happen due to the injury.

In the Nova Online article, the question concerning sharks and vocal noises/communication is answered with sharks in mind - in a general sense - - so it can be assumed that statements include the species known as (Genus) Carchardon (Species) carcharias, the "Great White" Shark. If you're interested, you can do a search for the article and learn more, by using the article keywords: "Island of the Sharks + Exploding Myths." The particular section discussing sharks and noises/lack of vocal organs in sharks is at the top of the second page within the article discussing myths about sharks.

Posted on Jul 2, 2010

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