The Whale Found In Safety
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The Whale Found In Safety

The whale found in safety is indeed thrilling for tourists and whale watchers as they observe these intelligent creatures and mammals of the sea. The public and conservationists place whales very close to their hearts. There is a duty of care where the beaching of whales and why they do this is concerned. There are charters and in some instances closer watching although a boundary is adhered too.

The Whale is one of the most respected in the sea. The gentle giant that is observed and protected from afar. In Australia, in fact in Sydney harbour a whale was sighted which was thrilling for observers and tourists. It was thought that the whales were to migrate through to icy waters on the trek to the arctic. This mother elected to stay put in warmer water especially with her calf. It is not the first time it has occurred, as they are not safe in open waters from the hunters from Japan as well as other supporting countries who have rubbed shoulders with Japan recently.

The Whale has been spotted in Sydney as well as Warrnambool instead of migrating with others to colder climates of Artic bounds. There have been sightings over the last few years in Warrnambool, which had attracted a tourist trade with alternative sights to see during a day. It is most pleasing to see these large and beautiful creatures breech in the ocean. They are recognized for being intelligent with their communicative signals and sounds. Conservationists and the public at large are concerned when we see them beached upon the shore. Try in vein to help and keep them watered and turned back to see. It is a mystery yet some believe they follow a leader. At times, they are alone or are a victim for a feeding frenzy for sharks.

While the public are thrilled to see the whale in their midst, there is an exclusion zone.  It is considered law not to enter the zone marked for freedom and conservation. In areas such as in Queensland, Australia there are nets in place that were originally meant for sharks. These nets have been an obstacle that whales have also encountered. In some instances they are cut free once people can gain access, the nets are being considered for removal. There have been instances where a calf and mother would be separated or even rejected in a worse case scenario. During 2011, a calf was noticed in the bay and had been separated from her mother at such a young age. The amount of help and assistance from the public on that day was touching indeed. There was a need for milk but only a mother could supply it at the end. There were so many substitute ideas as ones adopted for the calf in cattle breeds, yet conservationists took over the issue where it could not be saved on this occasion.

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