Unique and Somehow Odd-Looking Fishes
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Unique and Somehow Odd-Looking Fishes

There are thousands of different creatures that inhabit the four oceans and numerous seas of the world and naturally many are colorful, some are unique and others are awful-looking.

There are thousands of different creatures that inhabit the four oceans and numerous seas of the world and naturally many are colorful, some are unique and others are awful-looking.

1.) Tasmanian Clingfish (Aspasmogaster tasmaniensis)

Image Source

The Tasmanian Clingfish of Australia and Tasmania is a unique fish that grows up to 8 cm in length. It is remarkable for its uniquely-shaped mouth and its noticeable stripes from head to tail. This odd-looking clingfish is a bottom-dwelling creature. Did you noticed that its snout resembles the beak of a duck?

2.) Redeye Gaper (Chaunax stigmaeus)

Image Source

The Redeye Gaper is a brightly colored and odd-looking fish native to North Atlantic Ocean. This deep-water dwelling fish has a rounded, slightly compressed body and a very large head. This peculiar creature has a uniquely-shaped large mouth with a protruding lower jaw.

3.) Antennarius radiosus

Image Source

This unique fish species that belongs to the Frogfishes family is known in Australia as Anglerfish. The odd-looking but colorful Antennarius radiosus can be found in almost all tropical and subtropical oceans and seas around the world except in the Mediterranean Sea.

4.) Flabby Whalefish (Cetomimidae)

Image Source

The brightly colored Flabby Whalefish is a small, deep-sea fish and among the most deep-living fish known. It lives up to 3.5 km deep or more and can be found in the Southern Hemisphere. This odd-looking fish can attain length of up to 40 cm. The Flabby Whalefish is red to orange-brown color in life and the fins and jaws are brightly colored.

5.) Ocellated Frogfish (Antennarius ocellatus)

Image Source

The Ocellated Frogfish, like most frogfish, is an odd-looking marine creature that can be found in the Atlantic Ocean, Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea. This unique fish grows up to 38 cm and lives at ocean’s depth of about 150 meters.

6.) Antarctic Krill (Euphausia superba)

Image Source

The Antarctic Krill of the Southern Ocean is a shrimp-like invertebrate. This odd-looking creature can attain a length of 6 cm and weighs up to 2 g and have known to live up to 6 years. They live in large schools, called swarms, sometimes reaching densities of 10,000–30,000 individual animals per cubic meter. These unique marine animals are probably the most successful animal species on earth (approximately 500 million tons).

7.) Elephant Shark (Callorhinchus milii)

Image Source

The Elephant Shark is also known as Australian Ghost Shark, Makorepe, Whitefish, Blownose Chimaeras and Elephant Fish. This odd-looking fish can be found in Australia and New Zealand at depths of 200 meters to 500 meters. It can grow up to a length of 120 cm. This unique fish is edible where its white flesh fillets are very popular with ‘fish-and-chips’ restaurants in New Zealand and Australia. Have you noticed the unusual snout of this unique fish?

8.) Bobtail Squid (Amphorateuthis Alveatus)

Image Source

This odd-looking Bobtail Squid is native to the Indian Ocean and lives at depth of 100 meters. This marine creature is characterized by unique modifications of the arms in males.

9.) Shaefer's Anglerfish (Sladenia shaefersi)

Image Source

The Shaefer's Anglerfish is a unique and odd-looking fish first discovered off the coast of Colombia in 1976. I am sure you are wondering if this odd-looking fish is edible.

10.) Psychedelic Frogfish (Histiophryne psychedelica)

Image Source

The Psychedelic Frogfish is a unique-looking fish that inhabits the waters of Ambon Island and Bali Island in Indonesia. Its unique coloration is a mimic to several hard corals. It has yellowish brown or peach colored, marked with a fingerprint pattern of yellow-brown and white stripes that covers its entire body. This fingerprint pattern, like the stripes on a zebra, is unique to each individual.

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So colorful sea creatures. What a collection, kabayan.

Beautiful creatures from the deep. I hope you enjoyed your swim again, Nobert? Kidding... Dug and re tweeted friend.